Principal’s Welcome

Joining Kingston Primary School in Term 4, 2017 has been a fantastic and positive experience.  There is a proud teaching and learning history and as the new principal, that sense of pride throughout the school has been highly evident and palpable.

As Principal my role is to foster an exciting and invigorating learning environment, where students are at the forefront of teaching and learning. I strongly believe that we must focus on every student having a ‘voice’ and being actively involved and engaged in all learning opportunities.

Building on the foundations of positive learning environments, 21st Century learning dispositions, and the notion of our students being partners in learning drives our work at Kingston Primary School. We aim to create an environment powered by curiosity by building on each student’s capacity for curiosity as a resource to explore and understand their day-to-day lives.

Kingston Primary School offers a range of learning opportunities and experiences. Students can participate in music, art and physical education along with band, Japanese, maths and stem extension initiatives and a kitchen garden program. We offer high quality teaching and learning as well as diverse opportunities for every student.

Kelly Dyer
Kingston Primary School

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