With such wonderful grounds for our students to utilise, we place great emphasis on caring for our own environment and planning for the future.  Many areas around the school have been set aside for planting of native trees and shrubs. Not only do such areas provide a great aesthetic but also have practical uses such as natural windbreaks.

In 1995, the Australian Plant Society Tasmania moved its local native plant nursery to Kingston Primary School. A secure site was selected and set up to contain a storage shed, awning and work tables, watering system, mist and bog propagators for cuttings and seedlings and finally plant growing terraces.

We are very lucky to have the services of local Landcare volunteer Bruce Champion, also a member of the Australian Plant Society Tasmania, who has been visiting the school on a weekly basis since 2005 to tutor groups of Grade 5/6 students in all aspects of Australian plant propagation and rehabilitation. The past 10 years have seen the grounds of our school transformed from wide open plant-less spaces to inviting grounds with many plant filled areas for all to enjoy.

The Hobart Group of the Australian Plants Society Tasmania Inc., especially Bruce Champion, greatly appreciates the relationship they have with Kingston Primary School, the enthusiasm of the students and the friendliness and support of all staff. Bruce thoroughly enjoys working with the students and enthusiastically imparts his vast knowledge of Australian plants, propagation, soil preparation and planting to our students.