Kingston Primary School Community Association

The Kingston Primary School Community Association is a volunteer based committee made up of parents/carers and family members of students, staff members and members of the community.

The functions of the association as representatives for the school community are:

  • to participate in the formulation and development of
    (a) a set of beliefs, values and priorities for the school and
    (b) the school policies and code of conduct
  • to provide advice and recommendation to the principal in relation to general operations and management of the school
  • to participate on the selection panel in respect to any advertised permanent vacancy for the position of School Principal
  • to foster cooperation among teachers and support staff, students, members of the school association and the community
  • to provide advice and recommendation to the DoE Secretary on any matter relating to policy
  • to approve the school budget

Any member of the school community can attend meetings of the association and any sub-committees.

Current sub-committees include:

  • Fundraising Committee
  • Fair Committee
  • Uniform Committee
  • Behaviour Management Review Committee

The association also assists in the operations of:

  • the school uniform shop and the
  • school canteen

Current Chairperson – Tracey Gatehouse

Vice Chair – Kim Pitt

Treasurer – Alicia Townsend

Secretary – Alison Ring

Parent Representatives – Jody Enright and Monique Weatherill

Staff Representatives – Chris Anagnostis, Dorothy Raymond and Shona Hunt

Fundraising Committee

The fundraising committee support programs within the school including:

  • the Aquatic Program for Kindergarten – Grade 2 and for Grade 6 students
  • financial assistance to students in state sports teams and extra-curricular activities
  • the school Breakfast Club program
  • equipment purchases
  • the school discretionary fund used to assist families in need
  • the Grade 6 leavers event

The KPS Association meets six times per school year and holds an AGM in April. Meetings are held at 6.30pm in the school library. Agenda items and dates are published in the school newsletter in the week prior.