Taking pride of place among the grounds of the school, the 24 Carrot Kitchen Garden, hosted by MONA, aims to sow seeds of lifelong learning in the areas of health, well-being and sustainability. Our wonderful garden was officially opened in 2015 and is currently flourishing under the dedicated care of our Teacher Assistant and Garden Specialist. The very nature of our location, bordering a large nature reserve, allows Kingston Primary School to nurture a strong sense of connection to the surrounding natural landscape. A series of no-dig garden beds have been incorporated into the garden site. Enthusiastic students were involved in the development of the garden from the very beginning including digging of new garden beds, establishment of a composting system and of course the planting of many seedlings and young trees. All Grade 3/4 students are involved in weekly classes in our 24 Carrot Garden.  These sessions are run by our Teacher Assistant/Garden Specialist. Students learn about sustainability, environmentally sound practices, planting, cultivating and harvesting a wide range of fruits and vegetables.