At Kingston Primary School, we have quite a few students who have shown themselves to be gifted thinkers. Along with class based individualised curriculum to meet the needs of our high achievers, we provide opportunities for students to take part in a number of academic programs and events such as the Maths Olympiad, Maths Relay, Grade 5/6 Maths Extension, chess club and national academic competitions. We also currently have a group of Grade 5/6 students who attend extension lessons in Physics, Science and Mathematics at the University of Tasmania on Friday afternoons. In addition, a range of online resources are available that students access at school for self-paced learning extension.

Term 3 for example sees two teams preparing for the Tournament of the Minds competition. I am aware that our school has placed in the winner’s circle in this event consistently over the past few years.

There is a fair bit going on at our school to extend our gifted thinkers and it is good to see we have students achieving at the very highest level.