At Kingston Primary School, we endeavour to provide opportunities for students to have a say and make a difference within the school, the local community and the global community.

Kingston Primary School offers a well structured leadership program which includes the following:

School Captains

Our School Captains and Vice Captains are elected at the beginning of each year. Students in Grades 3-6 have a chance to vote on who should fill these positions. Our School Captains and Vice Captains have the opportunity to develop personal organisation and time management skills along with enhancing their leadership skills. They are often required to organise events and speak publicly. Our School Captains are encouraged to look further afield than the school and explore ways they can contribute to their community.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

From Grades 1-6, there are opportunities for students to be part of a decision making group; that of our Student Representative Council (SRC). We encourage maximum participation in the early grades with our class delegates who make up the SRC being elected for two terms. New members are elected halfway through the year. This maximises participation for all students. The SRC meets on a weekly basis to discuss issues arising within the school and to organise various fundraising activities.

Sports House Captains 

House Captains are elected by the student body from Grade 6 students who choose to nominate for the role. These captains play a major role in team organisation at our major sports activities.


Kingston Primary has a large team of Mediators who take part in a duty roster throughout the week. The Mediators take their job in the Early Childhood playground very seriously and aim to help as many students solve their problems as they can.  Students in Grades 5 and 6 have the opportunity to be selected as a Mediator after which they participate in a training program before commencing their duties in the ECE playground.

Daily PE Leaders

Students in Grades 5 and 6 are involved in leadership roles as Daily PE Leaders.  Leaders, with teacher supervision, are responsible for running a physical activity program for students. These sessions take place each morning. Leaders undergo a training program with our PE Teacher in which they are thoroughly prepared for their role.

Class Buddies

Each class in the upper primary school has a buddy within the Kindergarten – Grade 2 classes. Class buddies are involved in a range of activities including listening to reading programs, computer support, practical based learning activities and friendship programs.

Bus Monitors

Grade 6 students assist our principal in getting our students onto the school buses in an orderly fashion and assisting younger students in this process.

Community Service 

Our students are involved in several community service initiatives to raise funds for various humanitarian causes. Some of these activities are undertaken as part of the work of our student representative council with other activities being organised by individual students.

Leadership Training

All students in Grade 5 and Grade 6 are involved in leadership training programs to allow them to explore their leadership potential and to consider whether or not they will be actively involved in this area of school life by undertaking a formal leadership role. Our school is currently working with the Rotary Club of Kingston in delivering leadership programs to our students.